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What is Vitamin A and Why it’s a Skincare Life Changer!

You probably must have heard somewhere about Vitamin A (also called Retinol). Whether you find it in books, articles, videos, blogs, etc. – skincare active Vitamin A has always been a hot topic. But why? What is so special about Vitamin A and what exactly does it do? In this post, I will explain more in detail what Vitamin A is and why it is a skincare life changer!

So, what is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is also called Retinol. Actually, Retinol is being used more often. All types of Vitamin A and derivatives of Vitamin A are all being called Retinoids. When Retinoids are applied onto the skin, they start to biologically react and transform into Vitamin A acids. This process is done automatically because your skin already has a special cell structure. 

Ok, but what does Vitamin A do for my skin?

There are many great things that Vitamin A does for your skin. For instance, it reduces pigmentation and impurities. Furthermore, it makes the skin smoother and elastic. Very ideal for women over their 30s. Next to that, it stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the number one protein that is responsible for your skin elasticity and stretchiness. Therefore, it is essential for anti-aging treatments. Also, Vitamin A will aid your skin in reducing UV damage. So many great benefits, right?!

The most common types of Vitamin A

Now you finally have some clue of the definition and effects of Vitamin A. Now it is time to dig deeper into what kinds of Vitamin A are actually out there. Or at least, the common ones.


As already told you a little bit before, Retinol is the most common variant of Vitamin A. It is also the strongest kind. That is because it is considered the purest form of Vitamin A. It immediately goes into that transformation into the Vitamin A acids, once it has come in touch with the skin. This is quite concentrated and therefore, it is crucial that you build this up with lower concentration products in order to build up that tolerance. 

Retinyl Palmitate

This is one of the milder kinds of Vitamin A. It takes quite a while when the Retinoid has finally transformed into these great Vitamin A acids that your skin needs. It is also very ideal for sensitive skin types, as it is less concentrated. Also, it is a great variant to start with in order to build up that ingredient tolerance. 

Vitamin A Acids

This is the most powerful Retinoid there is. Once applied, it will immediately start to work its magic. It is therefore also highly concentrated. Most clinics use this as an acne treatment or skin aging. Beware that it has also a higher chance to irritate the skin compared to the other two.

Products to recommend

I’m not a heavy Vitamin A user myself, but I do use it like once a week. It is a wonderful ingredient and I would absolutely recommend you to use it. However, people with sensitive skin might skip this one because the chance of getting your skin irritated is quite high – even with Retinyl Palmitate. You can definitely start out with The Ordinary Retinoid 0.5% in Squalane. It has a low – moderate irritation of treatment. If you keep scrolling you can find all the varieties they have. If you do not want to spend way too much on trying out new beauty products, then I would definitely recommend one of their Retinol lines!

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