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Top Tips to Slay the Parisian Style!

Personally, I love the Parisian Style. It has the characteristics that will comply with my personal taste for fashion. So, what comes to your mind when we talk about the Parisian Style? Sophisticated, chic, and elegant is what comes into our mind, mostly. That’s so true, but you can slay these styles also in a casual way. We mostly think that the Parisian Style gets formal very quickly. That might be the case but not always. Therefore, I’m writing some tips and tricks to give you a better impression of the Parisian Style and with these top tips, you’ll slay the Parisian Style in no time!

What are the essentials?

So, what are the crucial points to consider when we want to create a Parisian Style? Absolutely no need to wear Parisian brands like Chanel to become a Parisian Styled girl! Let us take a look at some of the main points that define a beautiful and lovely Parisian outfit.

Use neutral tones

One of the major characteristics of a Parisian style is to keep as many neutral tones as possible. What can you think of when I’m talking about neutral tones? What I mean is that you should avoid too many colors and even too flashy colors in particular. So, tones such as beige, white, khaki, brown, camel, grey, and black are some examples of neutral colors. The beauty of neutral colors is that you can combine items so easily! Literally, you’ll find out soon enough that the Parisian Style is chic beyond too much effort at all. Only make sure that you do not exceed 3-4 colors in one outfit. The more colors you put into your outfit, the less chic it is going to look. 

Top Tips to Slay the Parisian Style!

2. Go for timeless pieces

There are some items that are simply timeless. What could that be? Items such as a trench coat, blazer, white blouse, black jumper, and a classic watch are all examples of timeless items. It means that they never go out of fashion. They will always look good and are easily styled with any trend. It would be wise to purchase these items from high-quality. Remember, there is a great saying: ‘you are not rich enough to buy cheap things!’ This means, the better quality of a product, the longer it will take for it to be replaced. The more you need to replace an item, you will pay more in the long-term eventually!

3. Basic pieces are crucial

The essence of the Parisian style is to be simple in a chic way. For example, gorgeous jeans with a white blouse with a gorgeous black bag are simplistic and sophisticated. The white blouse is the basic piece here. Also a black jumper or pants, a khaki tee, beige flat shoes, etc. Do not underestimate basic items. I used to do that, unfortunately. Now it is basically my essentials! 

Top Tips to Slay the Parisian Style!

4. Some brands to consider

Like already mentioned, you do not have to wear Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton, etc. to look like a Parisian-styled girl. Of course, these brands have gorgeous items for sure! Brands such as Zara, Mango, and H&M are great. Especially for basics, they have beautiful items. If you want to step it up, then brands such as Sezane, Maje, Sandro, and Zadig & Voltaire are top brands for creating a beautiful Parisian Style!

Top Tips to Slay the Parisian Style!

5. No-goes when creating a Parisian Style

So, what are the things that could better be avoided when you want to create a Parisian Style? Before I want to get into that, I want you to know that you have to wear the style you like the most. Please do not hesitate to put your own twist into that, because that is what fashion is all about (in my opinion)! So, the things that do not typically characterize a Parisian style are things such as wearing too many colors (as I’ve already mentioned). Also no flashy colors. Leggings are also avoided along with nude sheer tights. Furthermore, avoid too many patterns. You can use a little part for an accent such as shoes, bag, or scarf. Next to this, platform heels and flip-flops are also not the most popular items to match with a Parisian Style. 

Top Tips to Slay the Parisian Style!

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I really hope this article was just as educational as enjoyable for you. And I hope it helped you to get a better view of the Parisian Style. Remember, this is all personal taste. If you do not like simplistic looks, then you should not try out these types of looks. As mentioned before, never hesitate to give your own twist into it!

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