Top Tips to Reduce Stress and Get It Under Control

We all deal with stress every now and then, and believe me, it is not always easy to shake off that nasty feeling that is given you the tensions in the first place. Therefore, I decided to take a pause from Fashion & Beauty and to write some top tips to reduce stress and get it under control. 

The triggers of stress

First, let us take a look at how we get stress. It has simply one reason only, which is your negative thoughts. Think of it. You are at work and you have a discussion with your boss. You immediately start to fear losing your job. Or the other way around, perhaps? Imagine that you have some issues at work and you are afraid to express them because your job is on the line. This will impact the stress in a more passive way, by keeping it inside. This will even grow bigger the more you decide not to speak up. So, the conclusion is – stress is caused because of a negative mindset. 

So, what can you do to ease the process?

There are several manners. You can follow some steps on calming yourself down and try to find a relaxing environment in order for your brains to function normally again. During stress, you are usually not yourself. Once you’ve gained some peace, it is time to work on your mindset and simply not be afraid to address the problem. Remember, people who run are only delaying things – you need to get rid of the problem by simply fighting it. Therefore, here are some tips to get yourself into that process more easily.

Distance yourself of the negative thoughts

Try to do something else; go take a small walk, get some coffee, check out on a family/friend/colleague, get to the toilet, wash your face, get something to eat, listen to some music, check a video, etc. Anything you can think of that will make sure that you are not alone with your negative thoughts. I know this is hard, but it is crucial not to be alone with negative thoughts. 

Lit up a candle and use some lavender

Now it’s time to get yourself into a more peaceful atmosphere and do things that calm you down. Lit up some nice candles and use lavender. It really has been proven to calm the mind. You can read more about it in my post on ‘’With these tips you’ll be sleeping in no time.’’ If you have an aroma humidifier and some lavender oil, this will work wonders!

Top tips to reduce stress

Try to find out whether your negative thoughts are true

Now let’s get back to the problem. Are these negative thoughts the end of the world? It is very terrifying of losing your job for sure but is it the end of the world. Stress causes almost any disease that you can think of, so please ask yourself, is it worth your wellbeing? Try to create your own personal motto into thinking that nothing is the end of the world and that you should never run from anything out of fear. Unless there’s a giant spider marching up to you! 

Check the facts

Look at the facts, meaning, what is under your control and what is beyond your control. The way you do your work and the way you work with your colleagues is entirely within your control. The personality and mindset of your co-workers or other situational events are beyond your control. Once you have that sorted out, things will get easier to manage. Remind yourself that it is never ever right to blame yourself something that was out of your control in the first place.

Learn to be thankful

I know this sounds weird. Should I be thankful for these stressful events? No, of course not! Learn to be thankful for your life. We always know that there are a lot of people out there who have it better than you financially, physically, mentally, etc. But remember that there are much more people who have it worse than you. Try to be thankful for your life by creating that thought. It will be much more meaningful to fight for it once you appreciate it!

Top tips to reduce stress

Create constant reminders to chill-out

My final tip. You need to keep practicing to simply chill out! Make it a routine, whatever upsets you, make sure to immediately switch to the relaxation button in order to recover yourself. Or just say to yourself ‘’I’ll deal with it later.’’ This does not mean to postpone this for weeks, just give yourself a little break in order to come to your old senses. 

I really hope that this helped you to get yourself a better overview on how you can get your stress under control in order to reduce it. None of my methods will work of your mindset is closed to this. I know that this will happen in the beginning, but after that you’ll learn that a closed-mindset is not helping you out and you desparetly need to give other methods a go. 

Do you have valuable tips to share on how to reduce stress and get it under control? Please, make sure to share this in the comment section below. And remember, you got this!

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  1. We have a lavender farm not far from my house. This makes me want to try some fresh lavender and see how it makes me feel. Thanks for the tips! I think checking the facts and not overthinking is so important.

  2. Nicolle says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together! I can agree, regular gratitude can influence life in many positive ways.

  3. These are great tips! I find myself stressing alot especially with this pandemic and our weather 😛

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