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The Most Beautiful Fashion Spring Trends in 2021!

Spring is here! Therefore, we can finally start checking out the most beautiful fashion spring trends in 2021. I’ve been checking out what’s hot this year and why I think that these items are totally unmissable during this spring, so let’s check it out!

Patterns, patterns, patterns!

I can’t explain enough why patterns are incredibly great to wear during the spring season. Whether you wear stripes, plaid, florals, symmetric, etc. – they will always remain to be incredibly trendy to wear. Myself, I never skip patterns when spring starts because you can create beautiful and gorgeous looks. They look fresh and you always design some sort of your own unique fashion statements! 

The Most Beautiful Fashion Spring Trends in 2021
Purchased at Zara


Another hype for both spring and summer is to wear silky clothing. Don’t you just look at how both relaxed and sophisticated it looks? Especially during the evenings, you can create gorgeous looks with silk. Tip: I love to wear a basic dress and wear a silk blouse on top of it – it looks both chic and casual at the same time – casual chic! 

Pastel & Bright Colors

Something that will never pass is to continue wearing pastel and bright colors! Warmer season simply asks for brighter clothing. We might say that black also never loses its touch, however, during a hot sunny day, it would not be my first preference! 

The Most Beautiful Fashion Spring Trends in 2021
Purchased at Zara


Knitwear is getting more popular and this year it’s about to become more popular. More and more brands start to create gorgeous bright colored designs and patterns for their spring knitwear collection. I can’t deny it myself; you face cold weather every now and then during spring (in Europe, that is), and therefore, I would always love to wear something that is warmer and cozier. 

Oversized Jackets

Another great spring trend is to wear oversized jackets. We would love to wear these during winter times as well, but let’s face it, wearing that under a winter coat can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, when temperatures start to rise, oversized jackets are one of the most popular items to wear during the spring season! 

The Most Beautiful Fashion Spring Trends in 2021
Purchased at Bershka

Need more inspiration?

If you would like to read more to gain more inspiration on what to wear during spring, then you should definitely take a look at ‘5x Spring Inspired Blouses’ to obtain more fashion ideas! 

Do you have another hot item to share that is going to be trendy during this spring? Make sure to let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. Loved reading this! Pastels and patterns is my vibe for this spring – I love creating outfits for Spring time, great post!xx

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