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My top 3 ultimate favorite winter outfits

There are always some types of outfits that will always be our favorite no matter what. How large our wardrobe is, how many clothing items we’ve got, we still remain to wear that same old style because we cannot let go of how amazing it is (or how nice and comfy). Therefore, in this post, I will be posting my top 3 ultimate favorite winter outfits and explain to you why they are my favorite choice of all times. 

Sweater & Jeans

My top 3 ultimate favorite winter outfits
Sweater purchased at New Yorker

One of my most favorite outfits is certainly the sweater & jeans look. Not is it only warm and cozy, but also incredibly stylish if you pair it with a beautiful pair of boots. Next to that, you can combine it in any different color you’d like. Go darker with a pair of darker jeans or go lighter with a beautiful crème color sweater. It goes even beyond color, you have so many different types of jeans. I love to go with High-Waist Jeans myself with a cropped sweater. Also, I like to wear flared jeans and/or wide-leg jeans. 

Knit top & bottom

My top 3 ultimate favorite winter outfits
Top & bottom purchased at Stradivarious
Bag purchased at Furla

You have many types of knitwear in which they include both top and bottom from the same type of material and color. It looks almost like a trendy suit that is much warmer, cozier, and comfortable. Not is the knitwear the only thing that is in style but also beautiful combinations with comfortable sweatpants material. It gives an incredibly stylish and sporty look without looking too sporty – if you know what I mean!

T-shirt & Leather pants

My top 3 ultimate favorite winter outfits
Vogue tee was a gift by purchasing Vogue Magazine
Leather pants purchased from Zara

Sometimes, I have those days that I’m not feeling cold at all and if I would like to look fashionable and chic, I always go in a t-shirt and leather pants. The leather pants make it look so much more sophisticated while always being comfortable while keeping you incredibly warm as well. Both wide or tighter t-shirts look beautiful with this. If you want to loosen it up a bit too ‘’de-snob’’ it, then I would totally recommend wearing a wider t-shirt or, of course, a cardigan looks beautiful as well.

For more inspiration with regards to winter outfits, I would totally recommend you to check out The Most Amazing Fashion Winter Trends in 2021.

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  1. I’ve never owned a pair of leather pants, but it’s so trendy lately. I might have to buy a pair!

    1. You should! I definately love wearing it as it is warm and comfy, also you’re able to create a lot different types of outfits which you can’t always do with jeans!

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