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Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!

Spring is emerging, and that’s why I thought it would be a lovely idea to slowly look back at our past winter and remember the cozy and gorgeous jumpers that helped me actually survive this winter. Especially, in February, I was freezing! 

The plaid pattern grey/white jumper

This jumper is probably one of my warmest jumpers out there. I’ve purchased this from the H&M collection of the previous year. It actually came with a matching skirt, but I decided not to purchase it. I usually combine this beautiful jumper with grey high waist jeans and crème-colored boots. It looks incredibly stylish and lovely while keeping me comfy and warm the entire day! 

Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!
Purchased from H&M

The cute old pink V-neck jumper

I usually love to add a pink color to my outfits. I do wear plenty of other colors as well, and especially pastel colors are my absolute favorite. If I want to go for a completely sporty and casual look, I always rely on this cutie here! It is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I’ve purchased this one from Primark, also a year ago. I must admit, I never actually bought many clothes from Primark except for pajamas. However, starting from the previous year, they started to have an incredibly lovely fashion collection!

Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!
Purchased from Primark

The chic and neutral beige jumper

I’m really starting to get afraid of overusing this one because it has been my savior of any outfit combo. I really love the neutral color that it has, because honestly, this one suits with anything and I mean anything! I’ve got plenty of other beige jumpers to go around, but this one is absolutely one of my favorites. I’ve purchased this one from Monki about 4 months ago. 

Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!
Purchased from Monki

The soft pink sophisticated jumper

Don’t you just love basics? This pastel pink has such a subtle color that it gives a lovely touch to any outfit. It is also a tighter fit compared to my other jumpers and I really like to switch from oversized to more close-fitting jumpers. You can create more chic combinations with these types of jumpers as well. 

Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!
Purchased from Mango

The V-neck beige crop jumper

You should always have crop jumpers in your closet! I have almost any basic color that you can think of. I usually wear this over a blouse, which gives a lovely touch to it. Furthermore, I love wearing this on top of High-Waist Jeans as well as it totally makes me look longer because I’m not particularly the tallest person! 

Gorgeous Jumpers that helped me survive this Winter!
Purchased from Pull&Bear

What type of jumpers did help you survive this winter?

Spring is approaching for sure, but for me, it’s still chilly out there, so I will continue buying these until the temperatures are starting to look up! Let me know what your favorites are and why you absolutely like them. I love to know where you guys love to shop and what type of jumpers you mostly like to wear. Just let me know in the comment section below!

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