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Amazing Hairstyles to look Fabulous and Fashionable this 2021!

I personally love watching different hairstyles. It’s so satisfying to watch all kinds of gorgeous looks that you can create with your hair. Therefore, we’ll be checking out some amazing hairstyles in order to look fabulous and fashionable this 2021! Are you ready?


Braids are definitely one of those hairstyles that never go out of fashion, and look amazingly trendy for Summer! There are so many beautiful and creative ways to braid your hair. It’s one of these styles which will always look stunning and unique. Check out here or below, 10 ways to braid your hair for more inspiration!

Wavy curls

I wear a wavy hair look a lot. Isn’t it just amazing how fabulous it looks? I also love it when it looks a little bit messy. I always create them with a flat iron but some prefer to do this with a curling iron. One of my personal favorites is the wavy look of Negin Mirsalehi, make sure to check out her tutorial!

Pony tails

Not just a ponytail, but a ponytail with a different kind of style! You can add multiple bands, or create a fishtail or a braid on your ponytail. It looks stunning!

Short styles

Short hairstyles such as a bob line are so trendy at this moment. I have one myself, a long bowline that is! However, there are also bob lines that are very short, which are beautiful as well. Next to that, you have also amazing short hairstyles where the air is all at one level. I’m a huge fan of Laura Jade Stone’s haircut!


I just love hair updo’s. Especially in the Summer, it’s not just trendy, but also very comfortable to wear during the hot weather. My favorite is to wear messy updo’s, that do not always look perfect. I think there is a pure and natural look to it!

Want more inspiration for this Summer?

Hopefully, this post has helped you to create your own beautiful and fashionable hairstyles! Do you want more inspiration on how to create gorgeous and fashionable looks? Then, make sure to check out these posts:

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