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5x Spring Inspired Blouses to look gorgeous this year!

It’s the month of April and flowers start to bloom and bees start humming! Therefore, it’s finally time to start taking out our spring/summer clothing collection. So, I decided to share a post on 5x Spring Inspired Blouses to look gorgeous this year. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of pastel and bright colors!

Floral Patterns

Yes, how original, floral patterns during spring, I know! However, we can’t just skip these gorgeous patterns because the occasion is simply too perfect. You can style these patterns with beautiful white pants or go sporty with a good pair of jeans; the possibilities are endless!

5x Spring inspired blouses - floral
Blouse from Zara

Pastel Pink

Myself, I love Pastel Pink and I think it is a wonderful color to wear during spring. Anyone should have basic pastel-colored blouses in their wardrobe to create any look. The great thing about basics is that they will always look great combined with other patterns. These will look gorgeous with skirts, jeans, pants, you name it!

5x Spring inspired blouses - pastel pink
Blouse from H&M

Random Patterns

You can go crazy as you want because spring is the month of colors and different patterns. Next to pastel, I also love to combine khaki colors as well. These types of patterns always look no matter what type of style your try to create!

5x Spring inspired blouses - random patterns
Blouse from Mango

More Pastel!

A light blue blouse is definitely one of my favorites to wear when spring starts to arrive. It looks relaxing and serene. As for me, I usually love to combine these with a good pair of jeans and white sneakers! Next to that, when approaching summer, I think it looks great with straw materials; think of straw belts, shoes, and bags!

5x Spring inspired blouses - pastel
Blouse from Stradivarius

Part Basic Part Pattern

Don’t you just love having different types of blouses to wear? One of my favorites is to wear a blouse that both looks basic but contains patterns as well. It’s great to pick out one of these colors and wear matching accessories to give it an extra spring vibe to it. 

5x spring inspired blouses - part basic part pattern
Blouse from H&M

What’s your favorite?

Well, I hope you found these tips useful and inspiring. I’m pretty sure that with these 5x Spring Inspired Blouses, you’ll look gorgeous this year! What is your favorite item to wear during the spring? Let me know in the comment section below and also make sure to check out my post on ‘How to Spice up your Outfit with Accessories’ to get more inspiration on perfecting your spring looks!

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  1. Love your photos! I don’t love patterns, but if I had to choose one I do love floral. I’ve been on a neutral and pastel kick so I love that pastel pink shirt.

  2. Love love LOVE the pastel pink and the other blue pastel shirt! I actually have a very similar shirt saved to an online basket rn🙈

    1. So glad to hear you like it! The blue one is definately one of my favorites ☺️❤️

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