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5x Gorgeous Bags that will Complete Any Look!

I’ve written quite some articles with regards to outfit inspiration with clothing and accessories. However, I never truly have written anything on bags and/or totes. Therefore, I decided to create a post on 5x gorgeous bags that will complete any look. Take a close look, because these are absolutely great for any style you would like to create!

Furla – Metropolis M Ice blue Tote

Last summer I found out a major discovery. Light blue or Ice blue fits almost with anything. Previous summer I was kind of limited regarding bags, and I only had a light blue bag that I had purchased from H&M a long time ago. Unfortunately, the zip was broken so I had to throw it away. Then later, I found out how much I missed the bag because it literally suited with anything. Therefore, I decided to buy a new one and this Furla bag has made me happier ever since!

Furla Metropolis M Ice Blue Tote

Coach – Lewis Shoulder Bag

This bag is the top item! Whether going out shopping or on a trip, it is incredibly convenient to use. It is very comfortable to wear and you can almost throw anything you like inside. Of course, it will not cover a backpack trip! Other than that, it will be a great life-saver with a sophisticated touch.

Coach Lewis Shoulder Bag

See by Chloe – Hana Mini Crossbody Bag

I think that this bag is my most frequently used bag! It is incredible how beige suits almost anything. A complete black look with only a beige bag looks very chic instead of using a black one. You can always make this one pop out with any look. With its unique design, it will also suit any look you want to create.

See by Chloe Hana Mini Crossbody Bag

DKNY – Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

You should truly love brownish tones. I really love to put some cognac colors into the party. It gives a great highlight if you wear autumn-like colors but also in the summer. Just put on a white shirt, jeans with sneakers and get that gorgeous brown touch into it and you’re good to go!

DKNY Crossboyd/Shoulder Bag

Furla – Crossbody Pink Tote

This is a more personal thing. Myself, I love pink. But, for others, it may not be their favorite. I’ve put this bag into the list because the 5th number should be entirely personal. It can be color, different style of wear, or another type of design. This bag truly resembles me as I love the color pink and I love bags that look simplistic yet sophisticated. 

Furla Crossbody Pink Tote

Want to be fashionably more inspired?

I hope that my article on 5x gorgeous bags that will complete any look was inspiring and informative. Please make sure to also let me know your favorite bag! If you are interested in reading more on fashion, then make sure to take a look at the following posts:

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous bags!! I love the pink one xx

  2. The furl pink crossbody is definitely my favourite!

  3. Great collection! I especially love the Coach bag!

  4. Great post! The Furla blue tote is my absolute favorite.

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